CLINK - Supporting Kiwi In-GIN-uity Since 2022


At CLINK, we celebrate the unique and independent spirits of New Zealand gin distillers and local food and beverage producers. We're passionate about connecting gin lovers with the best, locally produced products and supporting the local economy. We believe in bringing you the best of Kiwi in-GIN-uity, not just any gin, and we pride ourselves on offering unique, limited-edition gins that you won't find anywhere else.

Our commitment to the local community is what sets us apart. We find the Kiwi's that are thinking outside the box and bringing new and exciting food and beverage offerings to the market. We want to share their stories with you and invite you to discover their inspiration, passion and creativity. Whether it's the small-orchard grower in Taranaki who's created a new garnish product from his citrus farm, the stay-at-home mum who has launched an independent baking company inspired by her grand-mother's recipe, or the sole-operator bar owner who has put all his savings into opening the bar of his dreams to serve his cocktail creations to his local community.

CLINK is more than just a gin subscription service. It's a celebration of the unique, the independent, and the creative in New Zealand. 

Join us and be part of a community that supports local producers and shares a passion for the best in-GIN-uity New Zealand has to offer.



Katija & Helen

CLINK Co-Founders & All-Round NZ Gin Obsessives