CLINK Box May 2022: Curious Pink Ruby Gin + Christchurch

Our first box is here and we're focusing on the amazing region of Christchurch with Curiosity Gin!

What's in this Month's Box?

 May Curiosity Ruby Pink Gin CLINK

  • 700ml Bottle of Curiosity - Ruby Gin
  • Alchemy & Tonic Mixers:
  • - Spiced Ginger Ale
  • - Indian Tonic Water
  • Pack of dehydrated lemons
  • Dr Bugs Berry Sorbet Gourmet Popcorn
  • CLINK Garnish Wheel

Now let's find our more about our May Featured Gin and Where to Find Fantastic Places To Drink Gin Around Christchurch!

Curiosity Gin – Christchurch Small Batch.

 Curiosity Ruby Gin CLINK May 2022

Our May Delivery Box, featuring the delicious hero gin of the month, is ready and raring to get into the hands of gin lovers around New Zealand. The small batch pink gin that’s included (the Curiosity Ruby Gin), steeped with rhubarb, and featuring sweet, zesty notes, will be the perfect companion as we move into these cooler months.

Looking for a superior mixer to take your cocktails to the next level? Then you need Alchemy & Tonic. They are a premium mixer brand made right here in New Zealand, using only the finest natural ingredients. Their mixers are carefully crafted to enhance the flavors of your favorite spirits, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a party or just enjoying a night in, Alchemy & Tonic will help you create festively delicious cocktails that are sure to impress. So what are you waiting for? Raise a glass to good times and great mixers with Alchemy & Tonic!

Dr Bugs Popcorn - Indulge yourself and enjoy your evenings with Gourmet Popcorn Treats. You'll want to hide this one from the kids -- it's strictly an adult-only treat.  If you can keep it safe, it's perfect for snacking on in the evenings.  Pairs nicely with Monopoly and Gin. This berry sorbet flavour was inspired by the fun of sneakily mixing sherbet as kids while our parents weren’t watching. You’ll taste notes of boysenberry, a smooth white choc drizzle and a generous hint of secret snacking joy. So go ahead, take a break from the everyday and indulge yourself in a tasty gourmet treat. You deserve it!

Let’s take a closer look at the masterminds behind Curiosity Gin and the vibrant city of Christchurch where their distillery is located!


Curiosity Gin

 Curiosity Riverside Bar

Located in Christchurch, Curiosity’s journey is to create, within their workshop, New Zealand’s most celebrated craft spirits. Curiosity Gin began in late 2015 when four whisky lovers got together and bought a small still, curious to develop distinctly New Zealand spirits.

With Antony Michalik as the Chief Gin Officer, Master Distiller and Managing Director of The Spirits Workshop (the distillery responsible for Curiosity Gin and Divergence Whiskey), the distillery has won multiple medals throughout the years at the NZ Spirit Awards. This of course includes our featured gin, the Curiosity Ruby Gin, with a Bronze Medal in 2021 and a Silver Medal the year before that.

The distillery itself offers tours and tastings throughout the year which are highly recommended to get a behind-the-scenes look at the distilling process. Otherwise, a more casual way to experience the Curiosity range is to have a look at their little cocktail bar in the heart of Riverside Market.

Gindulgence – A Curiosity Collaboration

If there’s one thing you can’t miss out on as a gin lover in New Zealand, it’s the gin festival called Gindulgence. Gindulgence is a yearly single-site gin festival with aims to celebrate New Zealand’s boutique gin experience. Starting in 2018, the teams behind Curiosity and Ilam Homestead joined forces to create Gindulgence to support the burgeoning gin industry and growing number of distillers in New Zealand.

With the festival coming to Christchurch on Sat 12th May & Sun 13th May 2022, now is the time to buy your tickets and put some time aside to appreciate the wonderful spirit of gin. For gin lovers it means a day to delight in gin tastings, explore the craft and flavours of different botanicals, chat with the distillers, and indulge in some fresh and exciting cocktails.

Come along!


Bars to Check Out in Christchurch

Christchurch New Zealand Art Centre With Tram

To pay homage to the art of gin in Christchurch, we’ve decided to highlight a few favourite spots. Whilst there are so many options to choose from when looking for a bar in the city, here are a few recommendations for you gin lovers to explore:

Riverside Cocktail Bar

The Riverside Market Cocktail Bar is the perfect place to kill a couple hours whilst spending time in the city. Explore the extensive range of Curiosity Gin and internationally recognised, Divergence Single Malt New Zealand Whisky.

Pull up a stool and choose from the menu. Featuring G&T and Whisky flights, as well as an exciting cocktail range, this little bar has a treat in store for everyone. 

Pink Lady Rooftop

Rooftop bars are all the craze in this modern era of mixology and spirit appreciation, with Pink Lady Rooftop being one of Christchurch’s best places to grab an open-air drink. Located right in the thick of the Christchurch CBD on Manchester Street, this rooftop bar features 360-degree views of the city and a fantastic menu.

The bar features a breezy Baja-inspired snack menu to keep you entertained, a food-centric wine bar section with more extensive menu options, and a fun drink menu featuring local spirits, beers, and wine. Have a look out for Curiosity Gin on the shelves during your next visit! 

Red Light District

The secret cocktail lounge of Red Light District is unlike any other bar in the city. Located on Victoria Street and hidden behind the guise of a laundromat, this bar is truly a must-visit. You just need to follow the lanterns through the drycleaners and into the dimly lit space to experience Eastern décor and cocktails.

Themed around a Chinese opium den, the red-tinted and alluring speakeasy features high-end cocktails, bar snacks, and ambience. Our personal cocktail recommendation is the Vera Wang, mixing sparkling wine, gin, lemongrass, and lychee for a delicious date-night treat. 

See you in Christchurch! 


Also need some help finding ways to match gins to new and exciting flavours?  Our CLINK garnish wheel is to the rescue!  


CLINK Garnish Wheel