July CLINK Box - Wellington & Denzien

This Month's Distillery is Denzien from Wellington!

This box contains....

700ml Bottle of Denzien- Smoke & Embers

East Imperial Mixers:

- Thai Ginger Ale

- Light Tonic Water

Pack of Freeze Dried Blood Orange

Asian Food Republic: Cinnamon & Chilli Peanuts

CLINK Garnish Wheel



Denzien Urban Distillery is a Wellington artisan distillery of authenticity, craftsmanship and imagination. Denzien makes world class New Zealand terroir gin, and its distillery is an unmissable experience in the heart of New Zealand’s capital city.



Smoke & Embers came about from a desire to create a gin that mimicked some of the qualities of whisky, a smoky richness with a warming effect. It is a fireside sipper that is not overwhelmed by its many spicy constituents. Chipotle and Morita were chosen to impart smokiness into the gin, and habanero provides the warmth – wicked in a Negroni.




30ml Denzien Smoke & Embers gin

30ml Campari

30ml Sweet Vermouth


Orange peel to garnish


Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice and stir until well-chilled.

Strain into a glass with a large cube of ice, garnish with orange peel, sit back, relax and enjoy!


EAST IMPERIAL - Thai Ginger Ale & Light Tonic Water


This mix of ginger, lemon and a dash of bitters was once a prominent highball cocktail served throughout the Far East and India. This drink defined an era, which is why, with respect, precision and exacting care, East Imperial developed this exquisite Ginger Ale. Made with natural ginger root and a low cane sugar content to allow the natural freshness and spice to really shine. 


ASIAN FOOD REPUBLIC - Chilli and Cinnamon Peanuts

These peanuts are just the right amount of chill and caramelised with lime. They’re an ideal snack, sprinkled with cinnamon, gluten free, and ready to eat on the go. They’re perfectly matched with a cold beer (or a high-quality gin…). Oh, and did we mention you can enjoy these favourites at Dragonfly restaurant, the home of Asian Food Republic?


FRESH AS - Freeze Dried Blood Orange Slices

Fresh-As uses freeze-drying to create innovative, unexpected and delightful new food products. These Blood Orange Slices offer an intense taste and a surprisingly crunch texture. They’re a gorgeous garnish for salads, but also a perfect snack to be served throughout the day or alongside the smoky richness of the Smoke & Embers gin.



Winter in Wellington is all about embracing the indoors: locals celebrate all things cosy, warm, rich, delicious and creative through these harsher months. 

There’s really no excuse for staying home when it comes to the perfect winter offerings of gallery hopping, cosy eateries, brilliant bars and excellent events at Wellington. 

You can visit the home of this month’s terroir gin at the Denzien Urban Distillery for a tasting tray. Every Friday evening from 4-8pm they offer tasting sessions with a cocktail mixologist. You don't even need to book, just show up ready for taste explosions on your palate. 

Have a Tom Collins or Negroni at Liberty. Drinks for every mood or taste are sipped and savoured here. It’s a place where unfussy dishes full of flavour and intrigue are made to be shared. They use the best seasonal ingredients to celebrate cuisine that defies categorisation. 

Explore the seasonable wines available at Atlas, where each bottle of wine that enters the cellar has been meticulously sourced. The seasonal selection ensures that no matter which bottle a guest chooses, it will dovetail with the flavours of that space and time… which means it’s worth exploring their winter selection this July. 

Make a night of the Cinderella Wine Bar. The classic folktale has been reimagined, with smoky flavours and scents combined with crisp, fresh produce to create an addictive seasonal menu. Designed to be shared with friends and loved ones, it’s worth checking this location out!

Finish the night at Hawthorn Lounge with a few delicious cocktails. It’s an intimate and inviting speakeasy that’s an ideal home away from home for both the cocktail connoisseur and the cocktail curious…