The August CLINK Gin Box: Unleashing the Vibrant Flavors of The Racketeer Verbena Gin! 🌿🍹✨

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of gin-spiration as we unveil the August CLINK Gin Box! This month, we're delighted to introduce you to the exceptional craftsmanship of LongShot Distillery, where The Racketeer Gin takes center stage. Let's dive into the delights of this month's box and explore the vibrant flavors of The Racketeer Verbena Gin.

Contents of the August CLINK Box

- 750ml Bottle of The Racketeer Verbena Gin
- East Imperial Soda Water (Volume: 150ml)
- East Imperial Royal Botanic Tonic Water (Volume: 150ml)
- Proper Cheeza-peno Tortilla Chips
- Citrus Bros Lime Juice (Volume: 185ML)


LongShot - Distiller of the Month

Step into the world of LongShot Distillery, a family-run micro-distillery nestled in the heart of Rolleston, Canterbury. Owned and operated by Matt, Lesley, and Adam Long, their passion for gin shines through in every bottle.

The Racketeer Gin - Verbena: Crafted with Passion

An award-winning contemporary gin, takes gin enthusiasts on an unforgettable journey. Instead of traditional citrus, this gin boasts lemon verbena, lovingly grown and handpicked from their back garden. Paired with elderberry, hawthorn berries, and cardamom, it offers an earthy, savory flavor with delightful notes of green tea and citrus. Savor the quality and taste that LongShot Distillery takes immense pride in.

East Imperial - Soda Water and Royal Botanic Tonic Water

Enhance your gin experience with the perfectly paired East Imperial mixers in this month's box. Enjoy the effervescence of East Imperial Soda Water, perfect for adding a gentle fizz to your cocktails. And when it's time for a classic G&T, reach for the delightful East Imperial Royal Botanic Tonic Water, the ideal companion to The Racketeer Verbena Gin.

Citrus Bros - Lime Juice 185ML

Add a burst of zesty delight to your cocktails with Citrus Bros Lime Juice, a refreshing addition that elevates the flavors of your gin creations. With the tangy taste of fresh lime, your cocktails are sure to be vibrant and invigorating.

Cocktail of the Month: Spring Garden

Let your taste buds bloom with the refreshing Spring Garden cocktail, featuring The Racketeer Verbena Gin. Here's how to create this delightful concoction:

- 30ml The Racketeer Verbena Gin
- 30ml Elderflower Liqueur or Elderflower Cordial
- 30ml Freshly squeezed Lime Juice
- 15ml Simple Syrup
- Soda Water

1. Fill a glass with ice.
2. Add The Racketeer Verbena Gin, Elderflower Liqueur or Cordial, freshly squeezed Lime Juice, and Simple Syrup to the glass.
3. Top it off with soda water.
4. Stir gently to mix the flavors.
5. Garnish with a fresh sprig of Rosemary.
6. Sip and enjoy the vibrant flavors of the Spring Garden cocktail!

Also, don't miss the classic serve with Royal Botanic tonic, garnished with a wedge of lime and a sprig of Rosemary for a touch of elegance.

A Taste of Rolleston, Canterbury - Home of LongShot

Explore the lively community of Rolleston, nestled in the picturesque district of Selwyn, just a stone's throw away from Christchurch. To enjoy a gin-infused evening, head to The Pedal Pusher Rolleston, where delicious food and an impressive lineup of gins await.

Feeling adventurous? Make your way to The Austin Club in Christchurch, a hidden gem tucked away in a basement between Cashel and High Street. Embrace the speakeasy-style atmosphere and indulge in exquisite cocktails and an array of spirits that you won't find at your average pub. Remember, entry is strictly by password only, so be sure to check the club's website and social media for the latest password—keeping with the spirit of prohibition-era secrecy.

Celebrate August with The Racketeer Verbena Gin

Unbox the August CLINK Gin Box and join us in raising a toast to The Racketeer Verbena Gin by LongShot Distillery. Cheers to vibrant flavors, creative cocktails, and a month filled with gin-spired moments!

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